Drinking good water should be a simple, natural act. Say goodbye to heavy bottles, bottle deposits, deliveries and loading your shopping cart, car, closet or water cooler. Stop worrying about where your water comes from, what’s really in it, how much you are spending on it and whether or not that new plastic bottle is as eco-friendly as claimed.

We've worked hard to find the best water filters for every aspect of your life. The Finecel Water Filtration System from Winix is one of the most compact, smart and effective water filtration systems on the market today and perfect for the home or the office. The GRAYL Water Filter Bottle is innovative, durable, effective yet incredibly simple and works just like a French press coffee maker.

Imagine having your favourite brand of bottled water on tap that never runs out, is about half the price and is both environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Welcome to Elua -  better water, better life.