TowTabs are like magic and one of the coolest products we've found. Simply add half an ounce of water to these super compact tablets and they blossom into an additive free moist towlette. Our kids were amazed at how fast the grow from tablet to towel and we were amazed at just how handy they are in keeping said kids clean.

TowTabs are 100% biodegradable, made from all-natural pulp fibres creating a super tough woven towel that can be used to scrub faces, hands, even the dishes. Each tablet instantly grows to an astonishing 11 x 8" towel when water is added or the tablet is dipped in water. TowTabs are ideal for all sorts of uses and so small they can be easily added to compacts, purses, tackle boxes, glove compartments, first-aid kits and more.