At Elua, we like flavour!

We're thrilled to now offer some of the most original and intense flavours ever created. Frape & Sons Boutique Bitters make small batches of premium craft bitters using unique ingredients, alcohol bases that are hand distilled on-site and innovative flavours and formulations.

What the heck are Bitters?

Bitters are made by combining select "bittering" agents like Gentian or Calamus root with "flavouring" agents like Orange or Lemon zest or even Coffee or Rhubarb. While they do contain alcohol, bitters are considered "non-potable" which means they are too bitter to drink neat or on the rocks. You may have heard of popular old school brands like Angostura Bitters or Peychaud's Bitters. Frape & Sons Boutique Bitters are not your grandfathers bitters.

With flavours like Rum and Rhubarb, Rum and Coffee and Rum and Rhubarb with Orange, these bitters made for more than just cocktails. They are equally at home in deserts, sauces and even baking. Each bottle comes hand marked by Head Distiller Justin Frape with its unique batch number and year. These are true craft bitters!

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